Crown’s #Yes4Fertility means YES for…

Crown’s #Yes4Fertility means YES for…



To put control back in the hands of individuals by providing Your Essential Supplements that serve in building your long-term vision for your family’s future.


We envision the future of real health problems to be conquered by easily accessible and natural solutions. Grounded in science and inspired by nature, the foundation of Your Essential Supplements is how we aspire to bring more families together.

Meet the Founder

Fadi Atiya is the founder of Crown Fertility. He graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy with a degree in Pharmacy and a minor in Pharmacy Business Administration. While in college, he worked for Harvard HMO Fertility division, which is where he first got his taste in fertility.

His compassion to educate and help people understand how mental health plays a significant role during an individual’s and couple’s fertility journey motivated him to take initiative in the industry.

He became an expert on the Western side of medicine and realized Western medicine does not need to be the first step. He turned toward the East and figured out a way to combine the refined medicine of the West with the cultured medicine of the East.

This journey has led him to go beyond simply producing supplements that work because sale and growth figures isn’t what healthcare is about. So, Fadi worked hard to expand his expertise as his empathetic nature lit the pathway and Crown Fertility was born.

As one of the top leading Pharmacists in San Diego with 26 years of experience, he’s a firm believer in extending understanding beyond ourselves. Everyone should be educated to know their options because every individual always has a choice.

Meet the COO

Mazen Shaqlus is the International COO of Crown Fertility. He’s a trained engineer who graduated from Jordan University of Science and Technology with a specialty in logistics and business consultancy.

His vast knowledge and experience in international business management gave him the ability to interchangeably use his skills to develop long-term business relationships.

Mazen’s expertise made him a natural at taking charge on registering Crown Fertility’s products worldwide because it led Crown’s presence to be established across 6 continents. The result of his hard work demonstrated him as an integral part of the organization whose entrepreneurial skills complement the visionary leader of the company.

His sentimental reason to be a part of Crown Fertility drove his purpose to fulfill the need for producing fertility supplements that address many issues stemming from environment, physical and emotional stress, as well as, the massive rates of PCOS and slow motility in men.

It became apparent to him, as a healthcare professional, he needed to be able to genuinely connect with patients, but not simply as the country’s growing numbers in the healthcare system. Ultimately, these factors inspired his desire to continuously help others understand the problems present and to provide viable solutions.

Everyone has a story, #WhatIsYourStory?
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